"...it began as I was approaching my third act, my 60th birthday. How was I supposed to live it? What was I supposed to accomplish in this final act? And I realized that, in order to know where I was going, I had to know where I'd been. And so I went back and studied my first two acts. I discovered, a couple of years later, this process I had gone through is called  "doing a life review."

                   Jane Fonda, TED Talk - Life's Third Act

Doing a Life Review - Who Would Benefit?

With age come transitions like retirement, downsizing, changing health status.  Identity needs to be re-calibrated.  Taking the time to reflect on your life and tell your story provides an opportunity to see where you've been and where you want to go.  How do you want to define yourself now that you are no longer in the workplace? How do you make conscious choices that can deepen your appreciation for what you have already experienced and provide insight into what you want to do next?.  

Lifestory Narrative sessions are six 2- hour, small group experiential sessions that meet weekly.  We cover a range of topics including autobiographical memory, relationship to time, life span development, impact stories, turning points, evolving identity, and the importance of making meaning.

This is a maturational, reflective and personal process that offers a rich, unique opportunity to tell your story.  So what's your story?  Are you telling the right one?