About Me

Kathryn Paden Skrabo

I am a retired social worker who has been interested in the life cycle and developmental process ever since I can remember.  Over the course of my career, I worked with infants and toddlers, focusing on the ages and stages of child development. Mid career, I spent seven years working with Hospice, talking with clients about life and imminent death.  Post retirement, I have been working with seniors, learning more about aging as a developmental process. All these experiences, in addition to living my own life, allowed me to write a memoir, "Circle Pieces" in my fifties.   It was through these combined experiences  I came to understand the power of story.  

My interest in story motivated me to pursue additional training in  personal narrative, Guided Autobiography and Life Review.   Because we live in a changing world and the future holds so much promise if we plan for it,  it gives me great satisfaction facilitating Life Review groups, helping others  explore the meaning of their own story.